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Great Deal

Is The ‘Great Rotation’ Ever Going To Take Place?

With the markets performance recently, numerous so called experts are calling out a “great rotation” from bonds into stocks. The only issue is, a jaded investor always keeps cautious. We have seen some of the greatest moves in the market the last few years but we have a huge stockpile of investor money still in money markets. A great article to read over is one by Dhara Ranasinghe titled “Why talk of a Great Rotation May be Overblown” from CNBC talks about what we can expect from this risk move so many are hoping for.

One key point thats been made is the fact even though the market has done quite well in the U.S. and confidence is increasing there has been very little improvement to the U.S. economy. The unemployment number is way too high, not to mention the actual unemployment number with those individuals who dont appear in the statistics.

Another reason there has been 5 years of gains for fixed income investments which have been strong gains. Investors are pleased that they are not taking a loss and are making great returns with little risk at the moment.

Money is going in to equities but a lot is on its way from the cash world, money markets. Theres a lot of money that has not been in play the last few years. The numbers show a minimal amount of money is coming from bond funds and perhaps the additions are slowing somewhat. We just dont see a massive shift occurring. Remember, when there is a lot of hype it is almost always best if you to act with extreme caution.

Matt Golab

Matt is an Investment Advisor Representative and the Chief Advisor of Aaron Matthews Financial Resources located in Elk Grove, California. when will the Great rotation happen
How do you get a great deal?

Nissan Quest

Good Reasons To Buy A Used Nissan Auto

There is more to buying a car than the thrill of finally driving your own set of wheels. Before you can experience the joy of owning a car, you will have to deal with a lot of challenging buying decisions. One important decision to make is what car to buy. Should you buy a secondhand car or a brand new one? Which make and model should you go for? Given the myriad of options available, answering these questions will seem like a daunting task. While this is true, you need to focus on the option that will benefit you the most. As such, if you are thinking of buying a used Nissan, decide if the benefits are worth it. Basically, buying a Nissan car means you are investing in a vehicle that has been made by a trusted car manufacturer. From its beginnings in 1933, it has been able to maintain its reputation of offering durable, good-looking and economical cars.

But why should you go for a used one? It doesn’t take an expert to know that buying a secondhand car is a great way to save. A car is often one of the most important purchases a person can make in their entire lifetime. This is because car’s can be expensive. Of course, with used cars being easily accessible, actually owning a car doesn’t have to cost so much. Also, when you decide to purchase a used car, it’s easier to find a specific make and model at a price you can afford. In addition, you can also save on your car insurance. Given how challenging our economic environment can be, that makes this a practical option.

Furthermore, financing options are easier to obtain when buying a used car. Again, given that is has a lower price tag, you can easily qualify for a loan to finance your purchase. Also, it is not that difficult to buy a used car these days. There are many places where you can shop around for used cars. To get things started, you might want to visit Hertz Car Sales. Online car dealers are one such consideration. Classified ads, whether online or in broadsheets, are also a good option. Asking around trusted family members and friends is something you should also consider when looking for used cars you can choose from. You might find the whole process to be difficult, but always remember the importance of identifying a car that gives you the best value.
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