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A Story Of Thrill And Romance! Ransom For Hire: Appointment In Hell (FREE E-BOOK DOWNLOAD PROMO)

A Story Of Thrill And Romance! Ransom For Hire: Appointment In Hell (FREE E-BOOK DOWNLOAD PROMO)Houston, Texas (PR Buzz) January 24, 2013 — LitePublishing announces a 3-day free download promo of Shawn J. Wells Ransom For Hire: Appointment In Hell. People can download this Kindle edition e-book starting on Saturday, January 26 until Monday, January 28, 2012.

Shawn J. Wells, the author of this e-book, is a native Northern New Yorker, born and raised not far from the Canadian border. By day he is a local Law Enforcement Officer and by night he weaves tales of mystery, fantasy, action and even a little romance.

This Kindle edition e-book was published by LitePublishing last December 16, 2012, is currently being sold on Amazon, rated 4.6 stars out of 5 and with reviews of satisfied readers.

“The story is the perfect combination of thrill and romance. ” – Fred L. (and other 3 reviewers on Amazon)

Ransom For Hire: Appointment in Hell is about Jack Ransom, who lives in a world of demons and magic. Men like Ransom are those who gets paid in bounty hunting and killing creatures. Since he is one of the best at what he does, he demands high price. Jack Ransom is a gun-for-hire man. Hes good at it, and he gets paid for it. Everything turned around when Ransom found the love of his life. He turned his back against his old ways, and is living happily with the woman he loves.

What will a tough man like Jack Ransom do if the only reason of his existence is dragged into hell and is being used against him, for him to get back to his old ways?

Book lovers, book worms and anyone who likes stories of mystery, action, thrill with a twist of love and romance can find out for FREE starting on Saturday with this promo of LitePublishing.

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We are a modern book publisher that focuses mainly on the publishing and promotion of digital books, most notably on Amazons Kindle.

Our aim is to provide readers with affordable, exciting, fresh, easy to read books in a variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction.

Our aim is also to provide authors with a totally fair and open publishing experience, that is simply unrivaled by other publishers.

Our focus is the future. Book publishing is changing fast and radically and right now we are far ahead of most book publishers when it comes to providing value for both readers and authors.

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Binky Philips: My Moment With Tony Soprano (TV Squad)

Two years ago, I posted the story below…

It is rare that I ever feel any kind of real emotion at the passing of a
celebrity. But, I am stunned by James Gandolfini deciding to leave the
building at 51 years old. I have not watched a single series since the end of
_The Sopranos_. It was too much. My brain would be getting itchy by 4pm on
Sundays. My daughter could not be subjected to the cursing and casual
violence. The apartment had to be prepped. By 8pm, I’d be sorta queasy with
anticipation. I was utterly hooked. Arrrgh!

But, the fact is, I already know, there will never be another series ever with
an anchor like Tony Soprano. It turned out to be the role of a lifetime, fuck.

I took to taping episodes so I could super slo-mo Gandolfini’s reaction shots.
In the moment when Artie Bucco confesses his love for his new hostess, Adriana
La Cerva, Gandolfini expresses true shocked surprise, hilarity, compassion,
and finally raw fear for Artie should Christopher find out. All this happens
on Gandolfini’s face in roughly _one second._

I put James Gandolfini in the same league …

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Kerrang! video exclusive! – Funeral For A Friend – Front Row Seats To The End Of The World

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What You Can Do When Purchasing Used Cars For Sale By Owner

Buying used cars is a way to get the vehicle you need without spending a lot of money. But you can save even more money when you buy the used car from its owner. To help you avoid spending a lot of money on these used cars however, you need to learn a few helpful tips. The first thing you need to understand about buying used cars for sale by owner is you have to be more careful with the process of buying the car before you spend your money. And there are different reasons why you must do so. To start, you do not have an idea how well owners maintained the cars they are trying to sell you unless of course, you’re privy to such information.

So you have to be sure that you will personally check the car their owners are trying to sell you before you spend money on one. After all, you must be certain that you are going to invest your money on a safe preowned car. Do remember that this is a car that you are going to buy for yourself or your family and that you will drive around in it so it is important to be very careful about making your purchase. You need to be sure you will have your own mechanic inspect the car, check the engine and tires, etc. This is the best way you can avoid buying a used car that might cost you a lot of money to maintain or repair later on. So when you set an appointment with the car’s owners, you need to inform them that you are going to have your own mechanic check the car before you make an offer.

You also need to ask the sellers why they are selling their car to begin with. If you have no idea what or how to ask this from the sellers, you can head to Hertz Car Sales to get an idea. This way, you can determine whether or not this is a car you really want to buy. You must also ask the sellers whether or not the car is regularly maintained, when was it last checked for safety, when should it be taken to the mechanic again, etc. This will help ensure that you are going to end up with a used car that won’t just suit your budget but one that is also guaranteed safe and reliable. Study your options carefully before choosing a used car to buy.
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