Cost to Paint a Car

cost to paint a car

Our barely detectable car paint protection films are the smart, easy way to keep your factory or custom paint finish looking fresh and flawless for miles. Minor fender benders sideswipe in a big city, and running into other objects that get away can leave ugly or misplaced paint scratches on our cars. The look of your car can sometimes affect how you feel in it. Who doesn’t like to feel like they’re in a luxury vehicle even if he or she didn’t pay an arm and a leg for it? That’s what painting your older, or newer, car can do for you if it’s faced natural or irregular damage to its exterior surfaces. If you’re considering touching up your car, considering the cost to paint a car is important before you call a shop.

What is the Cost to Paint a Car?

In places like Arizona, California, and New Mexico, the constant heat and blaring sun can cause your car’s paint job to fade. In places like these three states, paint jobs can only last about 5 years before they start to fade. Most of the time, people seek new paint jobs because of fading or scratching due to an accident or mistake. Other reasons people get paint jobs is to prevent rust or add a little flair to their car. It can make a classic car ‘cherry’ and ‘pop’ or cover up any natural or irregular damage caused by accidents.

The Price Will Depend on the Type of Job You Want

The price will usually depend on what you’re going for. If you’re adding an addition or having a touch-up, it will probably be on the lower side. If you’re changing the overall color of the car, that could be higher. The color of the car will also determine the cost. For example, 1 gallon of white paint is $100 while 1 gallon of red paint would be $250.

On the basic side, a single-coat, synthetic enamel will have a cost range between $300 to $900 with an average at $566.

For a mid-level paint job with higher quality paint and additional prep work (removing rust and dents), you’re looking at an average of $1,316 and a range of $1,000 to $3,500. A high-quality paint job could cost $2,400 to $7,500 with a $5,000 average.

Let’s learn a bit more about the cost to paint a car:

Quality vs Price

We all want to take the cheaper option, especially for prices like these. In a situation like the paint on your car, this is where you might want to take the price for the quality. A lower price could mean a lower quality without the other services that shops might offer.

When you’re comparing quotes on your paint job, ask the shops what the price will cover. Some places may just tape the trim instead of taking it completely off, while some places may not reach specific areas. It’s a good idea to compare and list multiple quotes on the paint job and identify which is the most affordable pain job that is of quality standards.

DIY Cost to Paint a Car

Another question to ask is whether or not it will be better to perform the task yourself. If you’re trying to paint an older vehicle, the cost to paint it may go higher because of the original color and the access to it.

You can find the basic materials to paint a car at any hardware and automotive store for as low as $75. You will, however, want to compare brands and prices prior to making a final decision. Just because the paint is cheap doesn’t mean you’re going to get the greatest paint job. It’s entirely possible the paint is cheap because it isn’t of good or quality auto cosmetic standards! The materials you may need include:

  • Gloss paint
  • Primer
  • Foam brushes
  • Paint trays
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Mineral spirits (for cleaning)

One difficulty that arises with painting your own car is finding a location to paint it. Shops usually have temperature controlled and sealed rooms that they will paint cars in. In the end, the best option is usually a clean, well-ventilated garage. Remember to compare multiple auto cosmetic centers to identify the right cost to paint a car.

Great Reasons You Should Paint Your Car

If your car’s paint has been scratched or compromised, you’ll need to act fast and set up repair or paint services at shop local and affordable to you. Minor paint damage might come off as something irrelevant, however, even a small scratch can cause chaos and havoc the vehicle’s safety and all around quality.

What can getting your car painted do?

Getting your car painted professionally can prevent structural damage, pause/stop corrosion, boost the car resale value, and give more confidence in driving your car out in public. Let’s be real, if your car is beat up and has a bad paint job it can be an eye sore as well as an attention getter. When driving your car, unless you purchased a Porsche, it’s likely you want to go unnoticed and enjoy the privacy within your vehicle. Most of us don’t go out hoping to get looked at while driving as it’s a simply a mode to get form Point A to Point B.

However, getting a new paint job will turn heads (in a good way) while giving you a feeling of safety and comfort. It’s less likely to encounter future problems and the possibility of selling the car in the future will broaden and potentially put more money in your pocket! And who doesn’t love having a few extra bucks in their pocket, especially if you plan on purchasing another vehicle or big buy in the near future!

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