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Mike Bender Reviews The Country Club Elite Golf Mat

Most golfers would prefer to practice off of real grass when they go to the driving range.


Northern states dont have the climate to grow grass all year long . And a lot of older golf courses have a narrow practice tee. Because of these two factors most golfers are forced to hit off of driving range mats on a regular basis.

Fortunately for golfers and superintendents commercial golf mats have dramatically increased in quality over the last few years. Using the same high pile turf machines being used for athletic fields J.R. Mats developed the Country Club Elite Golf Mat ™ in 2006 .

The Product has been embraced by top teaching professionals, golf courses, country clubs, and higher end driving ranges all over the world.

Leading Teaching Professionals include Mike Bender, Mel Sole, Shawn Clement, and Steven Dresser just to name a few.

The Real Feel Country Club Elite Golf Mats(TM) provide a golfer with realistic feedback even on a fat shot true divot action(TM) of the long grass fibers.

If your personal practice facility still has those old rock hard golf mats, please do every one a favor and ask them to inquire about replacing them with the Country Club Elite Golf mats(tm)
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