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The idea of going on your holidays brings a smile to most of us. Time spent from the rat race is invaluable, in fact many people feel it keeps them from going crazy!

There is plenty to enjoy when it comes to a holiday, but standing at the carousel trying to spot your bags is obviously not one of them!

Being forced to wait by the luggage bay for the bags is made more frustrating when a lot of the suitcases are almost identical.

You almost need binoculars to tell them apart! The luggage tags dont help matters much since they are similar as well. often you can only spot your luggage at the last moment, of course, if youre not quick enough you can even miss it and end up chasing after your bags while apologising to people. Or more embarrassingly you might end up with the wrong baggage it can happen!

So Custom Luggage Tags provide a means of avoiding these annoying and potentially embarrassing situations. With custom baggage tags you will no longer have to stare nervously at the carousel, you will be able to notice your bags from a longer distance.

Custom baggage tags are also no doubt a great gift idea, and a fab honey moon gift idea.

If you know some one who is planning a holiday, whether its a honey moon, gap year travels, or just a family holiday, why not surprise them with their own custom baggage tags?

Our custom baggage tags are extremely high quality. You dont want a tag that comes off on your journey. Our personalised luggage tags are made from thick, heavy duty FRP (fibre glass enforced plastic). These are much higher quality when compared with substandard plastic card or paper luggage tags. There is no doubt that theyll stay with your baggage during the entire journey. Their stability is enhanced by a quality metal fastener which comes with the tag.

Our print process is the highest standard print process available, employing a method that is called dye sublimation. The photos are dyed in the surface rather than just printing onto the surface of them, as is the case with other substandard printing processes. This means that while the tag will stay with your luggage – the image will stay imprinted to your tag! The Dye sublimation printing process is one of the highest quality print processes available, and is used for printing plastic, ceramic, metal, fabric and wooden gift items. The colour fastness is far superior to other processes. and many other processes involve transferring a print on top of the surface, whereas with dye sublimation printing the photographic image is printed into the surface.

So make sure you enjoy your journey to the fullest this year with high quality Custom Luggage Tags from If you have any questions or queries, dont hesitate to contact us at via the contact link, or on 01625 876618 Monday to Friday, 9AM – 5PM.
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