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Android OS Car DVD Solutions For The Ultimate In-Car Entertainment

The Android Car DVD will be the most frequent in-car DVD system you will find anywhere you look. How so?

First reason is that, Android was made from the ground-up to be supportable with portable products. This makes it very easy for apps and games to run on different platforms, from cellphones to tablet PC’s to Android Car DVD players.

Android also has a robust application ecosystem with many of developers often churning out applications that cater to a huge buyer base. An Android DVD system isn’t just a car DVD player – it’s an all-in-1 system that can be used to show GPS information, open up web browsers, play video games, open up documents and do a lot of other things a decent personal computer can do.

Android is also an open-source OS. This open character makes it very easy for developers to work with the system rather of being restricted like in other closed operating systems.

And most importantly, big firms in the industry are selecting Android over developing their own in-house operating systems. Kenwood’s Excelon, JVC’s Arsenal and Pioneer’s AVIC car DVD player systems all depend on Android to operate their entertainment systems and to deliver all kinds of apps straight to the buyer. These big brands of entertainment systems announced their lines of Android Car DVD in Consumer Electronics Show CES 2013 – a sure sign that Android is their preferred operating system of choice.

It’s not just big, recognized manufacturers that recognize the capability of Android though. Online gadget stores selling small unbranded Android products like Shenzhen-based Chinavasion also offer you complete lines of Android car DVD players, from luxury systems to lower-cost sets.

Android, however, can get a few lessons from Microsoft’s failed Windows CE – an operating system that siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars out of Microsoft’s pockets just before the tech titan determined to drop the operating system for good.

Microsoft had high hopes for Windows CE. It insisted that CE would be the cellphone operating system of the future, except that Microsoft dropped the total thing less than a decade after it was first launched.

Why did it fail to perform? Simple: nobody liked or even needed to use Windows CE. It was just a stripped-down operating system that was very weak to run personal computer applications and too irrelevant in people’s lives.

Google has to make certain that Android and its application industry continues to be useful to both developer and buyer in the long future. If Google relaxes for even just a minute, Android could be left in the dustbin by its opponents like Apple’s iOS and the Amazon Shop.

Google also has to make certain that the Android operating system itself is updated to be much more efficient without compromising compatibility with current apps. This signifies that Google has to find ways for Android updates to work for all products powered by the OS, like Android Car DVD.

It is even now really worth noting, though, that the Android Car DVD system is even now the most dominant auto DVD system in the industry – as long as Google keeps Android up to date, usable, compatible and relevant.

Chinavasion is a Shenzhen-based wholesaler specializing in the sourcing of a wide range of gadgets, from Android in-car DVD systems to LED-lit apparel. I heard that Chinavasion offers 12-month guarantee and extensive top quality management go hand-in-hand with warehouse-level rates – perfect for the private buyer and budding entrepreneur alike.

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