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Leather Hole Punch, Handy for Adjusting Straps and Numerous Crafts

This is the story of the belt hole puncher and the joy of new ways of expressing the creativity inside myself.

Firstly, I lost some weight and of course I was jubilant, until I gradually realized that I needed a new wardrobe. Now this sounds great, but finances just didnt permit it. That is when I opened up my sewing machine and started adjusting my clothing. This was a huge job, but in due course I finished every thing. When I tried on my belts, I knew that I had an additional issue. They were all too big and needed additional holes.

I am a large fan of Amazon.com because they sell just about anything a particular person needs and even offer you a cash-back guarantee. I was looking for a tool to make holes in fabric. Wow, was I blown away by their choice and decided to get a puncher that was better quality than the cheaper models. Boy oh boy, was that a great choice! Not only did I get a good quality puncher for adjusting my belts, but they also sent me tips on other methods to use it. This is exactly where the creative juices started to flow.

I have a plain leather bracelet and with just a few punches, I developed a pattern in the leather. Now I have a vamped up further accessory for my newly adjusted clothes! This was just the start. The opening flap of my handbag was the next to go through a transformation. I marked the areas exactly where I required the holes, punched them carefully, then tacked thin leather straps through, attached a handful of beads and PRESTO! – A new handbag!! The next item on my list is transforming my vinyl place mats by punching in a few patterns. I never ever believed this tool can make such a difference in my way of thinking about the things around me. I started by making a few holes in my belts and this has evolved in me being a creative craftswoman!

I am so inspired by this modest item that has transformed my way of thinking about the things around me, that I encourage you to attempt it for your self. Click on the hyperlink below to order yours and see for your self how it performs. I hope you will be as impressed as I am.

BELTO is the very best tool for cutting round holes in leather belts or watch bands
Simple to use with comfortable grip
– Head revolves for swift size adjustment
– Punch sizes: 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5
– Heavy duty brass anvil
– Higher hardness steel tube
– PVC dipped cushion grip handle for ease of use
– Black coating for durability

belt hole puncher
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