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The Jump Manual – A New Vertical Jump Program For Adding 10 Inches

The Jump Manual - A New Vertical Jump Program For Adding 10 InchesCALVERTON, None (PR Buzz) February 1, 2013 — The Jump Manual, an all-in-one training program created by acclaimed athlete trainer, Jacob Hiller, reveals the secrets on how to add 10 inches to vertical jump. The said program is geared towards helping athletes and sports enthusiasts improve their quickness and vertical jump through providing practical and effective techniques.
The Jump Manual works compatibly with all computer platforms such as Linux, Mac and Windows.

According to Hiller, it is the sole program that can target all the aspects of quickness and vertical jump, as it makes use of a multi-faceted approach, which includes incorporating plyometrics, resistance training and flexibility techniques.
In the program, Hiller also stresses the importance of one-on-one vertical jump training program for professional athletes, as it will guarantee their win in every game or tournament. He even claims that the recommended training time is 30 days to achieve maximum results.

The creator also points out that vertical jump training is quite dangerous, so there is a section in the program that is exclusively designed for prevention of injury and recovery, as described in great details at

In the program, users will be able to learn several things pertaining to the vertical jump training including why Strength times Quickness is equal to Explosion, how complex training plyometrics and stretch shortening cycle can enhance vertical leap performance, the 9 facets of amazing vertical jump and the ways on how to enhance them to create a highly explosive energy, the importance of the recovery phase in the training, how form, balance and flexibility can affect explosion potential and how to train and recruit muscles that are involved in the vertical jump.

The Jump Manual offers the following tools to help users achieve a higher leap:

Comprehensive workout chart, which shows the right ways on how to obtain maximum efficiency from the workout; comprehensive training video library with HD videos showing how to perform every strength and exercise; exact nutrition plan, which reveals the foods to eat and how to reduce injury; one-on-one training provided via email; weight room substitutes and interviews from professional athletes, shooting coaches and NBA coaches.

To ensure the efficiency of the vertical jump training experience of users, The Jump Manual comes with two bonuses such as interview with National Basketball Association coach, Dave Hopla and interview with peak performance psychologist, Patrick Cohn.

In addition the Jump Manual program also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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