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Arnies Amazing High Pressure Mini Bike Pump-Essential Bit Of Kit

I do not use my own bike very often so never actually thought of getting a bike pump till one day disaster struck!

My little brother suggested we go on a long bike ride, I reluctantly agreed, knowing it would develop into a competitive race by the end of it. He is much faster than me, but it didn’t stop me from trying. I was going along at what I considered to be a ‘high speed’, almost catching up to him, when I recognized it was getting much harder to pedal. I looked down and noticed my tyre had gone flat. Apart from my brothers laughter when he noticed my distress there actually wasn’t anything comical about the circumstance. I didn’t have a repair kit or my own pump, so I began considering walking home, pushing the bike when my brother produced his repair kit and a mini pump. He fixed the puncture and re-inflated my tyre quickly and we were off once again. I was actually impressed with the pump he had and how simple it was to use. It affixed and removed quickly from the valve, inflated the tyre rapidly, looked excellent and was remarkably lightweight for alloy so it would not add much additional weight or get in the way of our biking. I took note of the make and filled it away in my brain for later use. Ultimately he beat me to our destination so his teasing and boasting didn’t lessen as the day wore on.

I have actually since purchased my own and what is cool about it is I got it from cheaper than my brother! We have actually constantly been competitive and it offered me a chance to gloat about the fact that I even got a complimentary eBook about body improvement! Amazon delivered really quickly and have an excellent returns policy in case there was anything wrong with it. The truth is this Mini bike pump from Arnies Amazing is a terrific product. It has made me trust in my bike as I know my dependable pump will constantly be there if I need it, it even helped me get my own back on my little brother. So if you are in the market for a new bike pump I encourage you to click the link below now. I’m sure you will not be disappointed!

The Only Mini Bike Pump You Will Ever Require

Get Your Bike To Its Optimum Pressure For Powerful Performance

– Bracket Included

– Includes Adapter For Balls

– Very Reliable

This lightweight mini pump is designed perfectly for those unanticipated emergencies when you are out on the roadway. It’s a high quality, efficient design that can pump to 130 psi. It is much easier to utilize than a dual head pump and provides an extremely tight seal so there is very little air loss when affixing and removing from the valve.

Weighing simply 420g, Arnies Amazing bike pump boasts a durable alloy barrel with a plastic (Polypropylene) handle for a secure grip as you pump. This mini pump is prepared for the roadway as soon as you are and fits safely to your bike frame with the included bracket.

Super Good Aluminium Shaft! Do not Opt for Cheap Plastic!

Item Specifications:.

– Tube Thickness: 0.9 mm.

– Handle: PP (Polypropylene).

– Air Hose: TPU (Thermo Plastic Polyurethane).

– Pipe: Aluminium.

– Valve Head: AV/FV.

– Size: 30X380mm.

– Weight: 420g.

– Capacity: 130PSI / 9 Bar.

– Colour: Silver and Black.

Exclusive To Arnies Amazing Bike Pump.

Get your Free Fitness eBook with each investment of this pump!

– 7 Secrets to Body Change are shown tricks that are vital to dieting success and body change. It can be yours totally free with an acquisition of Arnies Amazing Bike Pump.

Guidelines on how to declare your free eBook will be provided in your order conformation.

This Impressive Compact Quality Aluminium Multi Fit Bike Pump Is Backed By 30 Day Return Policy.

So Exactly what Are You Waiting For? Go To The Bottom Of This Page And Order Your Aluminium Mini Bike Pump Now!

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