Prix Gtp

What gains would a smaller supercharger pully and a cold air intake make on a grand prix gtp?

The grand prix gtp has a supercharged 3.8l v6 with 240hp and 280lb ft of torque. what kinds of power gains might a smaller supercharger pulley and a cold air intake make? oh and btw dont rag on the ineffectiveness of the cold air intake, most of what i want it for is to hear the supercharger whine!

The gain depends on the increase on boost, most pullys do not provide “more boost” but “boost faster” which, will give you same 240 HPs but a much, much better torque curve.

You can try how same peak power but different torque change car performance, use a car peformance simulator for that, try it at

Subaru Wrx vs. Grand Prix GTP Dragrace

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