Rear Air

Finally, a Flying Bike (in Case You Need to Smuggle an Alien) (timeblogs)

Remember that moment in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial where Elliott and pals
suddenly peel off the pavement and pedal away into the gathering dusk, soaring
over suburban housetops sporting expressions like roller-coaster rookies? I
mean the version before they whitewashed the guns out of the cops’ hands (the
ones standing beside the blue cruisers) and dropped in CGI walkie-talkies —
when it still felt menacing, in other words, as it was meant to. John Williams
helped, of course, his score infusing the sequence with a kind of orchestral
resonance that conjured spinal vibrations. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do
that? Subtract the ticked-off cops, the roadblock and any notion of flying
sky-high (or passing in front of a giant luminous moon) and we’re a hair
closer with this electric bike that can lift off and hover for minutes at a
time. It looks a little like someone snapped the poles off two giant silver
industrial fans, flipped them sideways (the business end face-down), parked
them at the front and rear of an ordinary looking bicycle just above the
wheels, then added two smaller wing-like left and right fans straight out of a
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Trailblazer Rear Air Suspension Replacement

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