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Securing Additional Bulky with Add-On Roof Racks

Only a few automobile models and body types have built-in roof racks. This is especially true for small on-road vehicles such as sedans. Customizable roof racks are sometimes necessary to be added for practical purposes of accommodating additional loads. Roof racks are necessary for bigger, family size vehicles such as vans. Typically, bigger vehicles such as vans and SUVs do not have sufficient luggage or cargo space for bulky objects.

Furthermore, there are also some loads that are either too bulky or inappropriate to be placed in the interior compartments. Fresh fish, for example, is too smelly to be put inside the luggage compartment. On the other hand, bicycles and other bulky sports equipment will simply not fit inside a van or SUV.

The load capacity of a vehicle will significantly be improved by installing aftermarket roof racks. Regardless of the size, type or model of automobile, there are roof racks designs that can be installed to secure bulky loads. Add-on aftermarket roof racks typically have a maximum load capacity of 200 pounds. However, it should be noted that some automobiles have roofs that cannot withstand this maximum capacity. The load capacity of roofs vary depending on the type, model or make of the automobile. It becomes more likely for the roof to collapse or fold down if the weight of the load exceeds the maximum capacity.

In terms of actual function, roof racks do not necessarily secure the loads onto the roofs. They merely serve as anchors for the straps and buckles. Aside from leather straps, ropes, bungee cords and metal braces may be used to secure loads. The bolted roof racks are the ones that provide anchor points for the straps. The stability of the cargoes will depend on several factors. The two main factors are the following: how tightly the straps are tied or buckled and how much amount of surface friction is exerted by the surface of the rack.

Racks have three common components, namely, side rails or tracks, towers and mounts. These components sometimes have rubber protective covers. Typically, roof racks are constructed from aluminum or steel bars and tubes. When the automobile is moving, the cargoes are prevented from falling and trashing around by the rails. The straps, ropes or bungee cords are secured by the rails, providing anchor points. The towers are the ones that serve as clamps. Bulkier loads are secured by the mounts.

Vehicles that are of older models typically have their roof racks mounted onto the gutter that surrounds the roof line. Customizing this old design is a bit difficult to do. On the other hand, modern vehicle models do not have these features. The racks are installed by attaching the hooks on top of the frames of the doors, making it structurally more robust.

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