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Conductive Epoxy With Silver Has Unique Positive Aspects

Conductive silver epoxy is an electrical Conductive Epoxy that gets its conduction properties through the use of metallic flakes. As opposed to standard soldering, conductive epoxy functions without having heat.

Copper, tin, and gold flakes are utilized as well as silver flakes, but silver is the most preferable one of any. It’s naturally heat tolerant as well as the most conductive of the other metals.

Among heat tolerance and conductivity, what other benefits are there?

• Relative flexibility through the various stages of thermal expansion the substrates might experience. Silver epoxy won’t break its bond like a standard solder will when stressed by variances in temperature.

• The curing temperature for conduction epoxy, be it silver or any other alloy, is drastically lower than the standard lead solder.

• Silver filled epoxy isn’t just a excellent conductor, it’s got exceptional electrical conductivity as compared to any other alloy.

• When the perfect conditions present themselves, silver will oxidize much like tin and lead. Where they differ is the fact that silver oxides continue to stay conductive leading to much less degradation of the network.

• In the instance of oxidation, the shear strength of the adhesive bond is impacted little, if at all.

As with anything you are able to think of, you can find drawbacks to silver filled conductive epoxy. What are the drawbacks?

• Silver is a noble metal; consequently when silver epoxy is utilized it must only be utilized to affix two noble metals. (e.g. palladium, silver, platinum, and gold to name a few).

• Cost can be a major deterrent. Silver itself is a precious metal. Being that it cannot be simply utilized with non noble metals, which are somewhat costly in their own right, both substrates ought to be noble metals, further escalating the cost of the process.

• Variances in the mixture. Adhesive suppliers supply an exact product for you to combine, but here in lies the rub, you need to combine it oneself. While the manufactures have taken into account that people hardly ever do anything to an exact measure, only so much latitude can be afforded within a chemical reaction.

There are some other drawbacks, but as high as the need is for electrically conductive epoxy, producers are conquering these drawbacks by way of in depth research and development.

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