Top Ten Tips For Window Cleaners

If you’re fanatical about cleaning every nook and cranny on your vehicle, pick up one of many wheel woolies detailing tools and start working smart, and not hard.

1. Always call the client the day before the clean. This also helps as most people will have a lock on their gate. Calling them the night before enables them to remove the lock for you. The least bulky of the vacuum window cleaners we tried, this lightweight number comes with a two-year guarantee.

2. Always be kind and courteous when speaking to your clients. These people represent your bread and butter and will more than likely refer you to friends and family.

3. Try to close all gates or garages after you’ve finished cleaning. If there’s one thing that upsets people more is this. Not only that, you’re prospective client across the road will be watching. You leaving the gate open isn’t going to impress them.

4. If you find the back gate is locked. Don’t worry. Just clean the front of the house and charge them half the clean price. Your client will not only be embarrassed, they’ll send you your money fast to try to paper over their embarrassment. This will allow you some revenue, even though it only half what you normally get. Better than nothing!

5. If the back door has a small pane of glass and is filthy. Take time out to clean it with your window cleaning spray. This will take you seconds, but your client will certainly notice it and you’ll be in their good books.

Note: Throughout my EBook you’ll probably be amazed and surprised just how many things I do for FREE. Trust me. This will pay you dividends in the long run. It’s nice to take on new clients. It’s even better to be referred by your clients costing you nothing in the process. Studies show that referred clients are more than likely to pay more for your service and will more than likely refer you again and again and again. This is the key to growing your window cleaning without spending £000’s on advertising.

6. Unfortunately, you’re going to get a few cancellations. Don’t worry; this is normal and nothing to fear. However, for each cancellation you receive. Call the client and ask them why they want to cancel. Some of you out there may be a little scared in calling clients that want to cancel. In my experience it is normally a misunderstanding and something that can be put right.

Sometimes clients don’t understand why their windows are still wet, even though you explained it to them. Simply use the letter provided in my “Stationary Kit” which explains the use of the water fed pole. This has saved my bacon more than once!

I once had a client ring and cancel my services because she only wanted her windows cleaned every 3 months. Now, instead of telling me this she just cancelled. I rang her back and after getting out of her the reason for the cancellation, agreed to do them every 3 months. If I had just accepted the cancellation I would have lost 4 x £18. In my book you can actually gain clients by keeping the ones that may have cancelled. It’s much easier and cheaper to keep an existing client than spend money on marketing for new ones.

7. On the odd occasion, a client will ask you to clean the fascia at the front of the property. Use your common sense with this one. If it is relatively small, agree to clean this one time for free and let them know you’ll have to charge next time. If you charge for this service straight away, you may alienate your client and upset them. They don’t really want to pay for the first clean, but are more than happy to pay for further cleans. If it’s going to take you longer than a couple of minutes then I would charge. (Water fed pole users).

8. There a few porches or upvc fascias that are located at the front of the house and are quite small. If you have the time, just clean these at the same time you’re cleaning the windows for FREE and let your client know. This will only add 10 minutes onto your time, but your client will really appreciate it. Why should you do it for free and not charge them? Referrals referrals referrals. This again, is your choice. You can charge them if you like, but what you’re trying to do is build a solid business based on your existing clients referring you.

9. Clean and polish outside letter boxes for FREE. You’ve those external post boxes on a house (basically so the dog doesn’t chew letters and papers). Same principle. This will take you seconds and your client will appreciate it. People love getting things for FREE that they didn’t ask for. If you’re regular and offer a good service you’ll have these clients for years. Refer here for more tips on car polishing.

10. If you are window cleaning with a water fed pole, why not offer conservatory cleaning too! I know I mentioned it in an earlier chapter. At least 10% of your client base must have conservatories. Offer to give them a free trial by cleaning a section of it! I guarantee they’ll want it clean after your demonstration. (Water fed pole users).

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