Why Advertisers Prefer Samsung Digital Signage And LG Webos Over Other Display Signages?

Best Sydney Signage can attract customers to your business even without using a social media. Samsung and LG are the world leaders in electronics goods segment. They have got their own products in digital signages segment. The Samsung digital signage offers best in class picture quality thus elevating the viewing experience. It helps in creating an engaging and interesting content. The Samsung LED displays can be installed on any kind of wall.

The quality and viewing experience offered by Samsung smart digital signage is unmatched. The lightweight feature helps in easy installation. These display signages come in every shape and sizes. They can be large or small according to the need of the client. The large displays offer good brightness and color – uniformity. Small signages are used more often in malls and supermarkets. Electronics shops and places which deploy way finding signage install touch screen signages. People find them very much interactive and interesting.

These signages are not so costly. You can choose from different series of displays which are available. Samsung smart signage have got products for different applications. For apparel retail stores there are mirror displays. These displays can detect shoppers who are passing nearby and accordingly show relevant content for promotion. Thus they are an effective sales tool. There are stretch displays which shows content on a wide screen. The most commonly used displays are the window or full outdoor displays which you normally see outside retail stores. They act as a good sales promotion tool to generate more footfalls into the store and create more brand visibility.

LG also has got their product in digital signage which is LG webOS. It also has many features which makes the product stand out in the market. The hardware cost to be incurred for LG WebOs signage is less. There are ready to use templates which can reduce your efforts in designing promotional materials. Other features like web-based remote management, content support and scheduling, downloading, setting shutdown or reboot time etc. make life easier for the advertisers.

WebOS is an operating system which is used in Smart TV’s. There are some crucial differentiating factors which make LG webOS as more preferable option then other normal display signages. They are as follows:

  • You can access your favorite apps on the display screens. There are shortcuts which can assigned to the remote control for quick access to the apps.
  • The latest version of LG webOS has ‘Magic Sound Tuning’. It optimizes the sound in a room by using the microphone in the remote.
  • ‘Magic Link’ is a feature which can pull up related YouTube videos.

Both LG and Samsung are fighting neck-to-neck by introducing state-of-the-art digital signage products in the market. They have changed the landscape of the digital signage market in the world. Advertisers, are now able to get more fruitful returns. But the competition will be fiercer as there will be more new players entering this segment. The integration with Beacon and sensor technology is just the first step. More such technological innovations are expected in future. Consumers will be fed with more relevant content in the coming years.