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A Story Of Thrill And Romance! Ransom For Hire: Appointment In Hell (FREE E-BOOK DOWNLOAD PROMO)

A Story Of Thrill And Romance! Ransom For Hire: Appointment In Hell (FREE E-BOOK DOWNLOAD PROMO)Houston, Texas (PR Buzz) January 24, 2013 — LitePublishing announces a 3-day free download promo of Shawn J. Wells Ransom For Hire: Appointment In Hell. People can download this Kindle edition e-book starting on Saturday, January 26 until Monday, January 28, 2012.

Shawn J. Wells, the author of this e-book, is a native Northern New Yorker, born and raised not far from the Canadian border. By day he is a local Law Enforcement Officer and by night he weaves tales of mystery, fantasy, action and even a little romance.

This Kindle edition e-book was published by LitePublishing last December 16, 2012, is currently being sold on Amazon, rated 4.6 stars out of 5 and with reviews of satisfied readers.

“The story is the perfect combination of thrill and romance. ” – Fred L. (and other 3 reviewers on Amazon)

Ransom For Hire: Appointment in Hell is about Jack Ransom, who lives in a world of demons and magic. Men like Ransom are those who gets paid in bounty hunting and killing creatures. Since he is one of the best at what he does, he demands high price. Jack Ransom is a gun-for-hire man. Hes good at it, and he gets paid for it. Everything turned around when Ransom found the love of his life. He turned his back against his old ways, and is living happily with the woman he loves.

What will a tough man like Jack Ransom do if the only reason of his existence is dragged into hell and is being used against him, for him to get back to his old ways?

Book lovers, book worms and anyone who likes stories of mystery, action, thrill with a twist of love and romance can find out for FREE starting on Saturday with this promo of LitePublishing.

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