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Binky Philips: My Moment With Tony Soprano (TV Squad)

Two years ago, I posted the story below…

It is rare that I ever feel any kind of real emotion at the passing of a
celebrity. But, I am stunned by James Gandolfini deciding to leave the
building at 51 years old. I have not watched a single series since the end of
_The Sopranos_. It was too much. My brain would be getting itchy by 4pm on
Sundays. My daughter could not be subjected to the cursing and casual
violence. The apartment had to be prepped. By 8pm, I’d be sorta queasy with
anticipation. I was utterly hooked. Arrrgh!

But, the fact is, I already know, there will never be another series ever with
an anchor like Tony Soprano. It turned out to be the role of a lifetime, fuck.

I took to taping episodes so I could super slo-mo Gandolfini’s reaction shots.
In the moment when Artie Bucco confesses his love for his new hostess, Adriana
La Cerva, Gandolfini expresses true shocked surprise, hilarity, compassion,
and finally raw fear for Artie should Christopher find out. All this happens
on Gandolfini’s face in roughly _one second._

I put James Gandolfini in the same league …

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